Senior Research Associate – Molecular Biology VRG Therapeutics, Preclinical R&D · Budapest, Hungary

VRG Therapeutics ( is a preclinical R&D-focused biotechnology company, located in Budapest, Hungary. VRG Therapeutics has a continuously growing R&D portfolio that aims to incorporate highly competitive Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) research programs, such as a recently launched Chemogenetic project, which utilizes a so-called Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs (DREADD) technology. This approach intends to treat debilitating Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders via inserting engineered “designer” receptors into specific neurons in the brain.

We are looking for a candidate for the role of Senior Research Associate to support our newly launched Chemogenetic R&D project. The position is an excellent opportunity for someone willing to participate in an innovative drug research program that has an outstanding chance to disrupt current therapeutical approaches and open new ways to treat neurological diseases.

Core responsibilities:
• Plan and deliver project-specific cell and molecular biology research tasks (hands-on work and delegation to assistants/technicians).
• Design and development of innovative new in vitro preclinical R&D models, including cell-based assays for high-throughput screening.
• Design and create new DREADD constructs (receptors and vectors).
• Mammalian/yeast cell culture work: planning, cell maintenance, transfections/transductions.
• Gene expression assays: Design and optimize assays to determine expression levels of gene(s) of interest.
• Analyze complex scientific questions via reviewing the available scientific and non-scientific literature, synthetize data quickly and effectively, provide options for the possible solution of the issue.
• Effectively work together with external experts, academic partners and CRO companies.
• Regularly make presentations, reports to project-related meetings, etc.

Required qualifications:
• PhD degree in medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, or other equivalent degree in a biomedical discipline
• 2+ years of post-degree research experience in an academic or industry setting in molecular or cell biology
• Solid background in molecular and/or cell biology.

Preferred qualifications:
• Experience with cloning and protein-evolution techniques.
• Experience with fluorescence-based assays.
• Experience with cell line generation.
• Strong background knowledge on receptor proteins.
• Experience with in vitro work on neuronal cells.

• Strong interpersonal skills (e.g. delegation, negotiation, group-level planning, feed-back, pushing, etc.) that support high performance across a multi-disciplinary team.
• Precision in administrative tasks, supporting research project documentation.
• Result-oriented, quick decision maker.
• Honest and transparent work mindset.
• Quality oriented in work/science.
• Ownership, individual responsibility.
• Exceptional abilities to efficiently work in a project-matrix system.
• Flexibility in switching tasks fast.

Job Type: Full-time.
Salary: commensurate with role and experience.
For further information, find out more on our company’s website at
If you are interested in this position, please upload your CV and motivation letter here.

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