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We are your partner for analytical development. We deliver custom-made cell lines, establish functional assays and offer bioassay development services for your RnD projects
Our process
VRG Therapeutics SERVICES operates a milestone-based service with transparency, fast contracting and short lead times for our customers
Methodology toolbox - cell line development
Molecular design and vector building focusing on your goal: we use synthetic DNA or DNA provided by the customer. We design knock-outs, knock-ins, stable or inducible expression for functional testing including target membrane fusion, reporter gene assay or any other solution based on the customer's demand.
Stable polyclone generation is carefully designed and achieved by either chemical transfection, electroporation or transduction followed by FACS sorting and/or antibiotic selection to fit your needs.
Phenotypic and/or functional testing of pool: the pool can be tested phenotypically for expression and function (e.g., with the analyte provided by the customer).
Selection of monoclones is done by fluorescencent sorting by FACS or functional testing of clones.
Genetic and phenotypic confirmation is based on sequencing, qPCR whereas phenotypic confirmation is done by Western blotting, FACS or ELISA
Stability testing - basic testing includes 4 weeks/12 passages, but can be adjusted based on your needs
Cell banking, quality control, reporting: we establish research cell banks (RCB), the standard quality control includes e.g., mycoplasma testing, cell viability, doubling time. We provide reports adjusted to the customer's needs and ensure exclusivity for the cell lines and all results.
Methodology toolbox - bioassay feasibility
Functional testing with your therapeutic and determination of assay setup: we provide functional testing solutions of the developed (or any other) cell line (antiproliferation, neutralization, cytotoxicity, complement activation etc.) with different assay formats e.g., ELISA, bead-based assays, immunohistochemistry (IHC)/ immunocytochemistry (ICC), fluorometric, luminometric or colorimetric assays. We set up the assay and provide preliminary experiments for bioassay development.
Testing of frozen cell line for ready-to-use purpose: we test how freshly thawed cells can be used for the bioassay in order to shorten assay ramp up times and to provide repeatability and uniformity of the assay.
Establishment of the dose-response curve: we test specificity and optimize the dose-response curve.
Bioassay performance testing: we ensure the seamless use of the assay through testing of performance parameters and prepare it for potential qualification or validation.
Assay transfer and reporting- we transfer the assay to the customer's site and provide assistance with setting up the first experiments.


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