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A leading biopharma R&D company that provides access to the best science and has world class in-house technology platforms. We operate with a top-notch pharma development approach ensured by our people, technology, laboratory infrastucture and international network.


We are experts in optimizing natural peptides/proteins for therapeutical purposes and to be used in cell and gene therapy (CGT). Miniproteins possess highly useful attributes (e.g. stability, solubility, low immunogenicity) and these features are maintained during the directed evolution. In contrast, other attributes, such as affinity towards the pharmacological target/ligand or off-target proteins are altered profoundly during the process.


ISEPTM (Individual Sequence Enrichment Pattern) PLATFORM TO CREATE MINIPROTEIN-BASED BIOPHARMACEUTICALS AND CELL AND GENE THERAPY PRODUCTS. We create peptide megalibraries with more than a million candidates from which promising leads can be selected and developed for specific targets leveraging big data analytics. We combine state-of-the-art in silico and wet lab tools in our proprietary ISEP platform to identify high quality drug candidates with unprecedented speed. These peptides can be utilized in cell therapies such as CAR-T therapy or GMO enterobacteria.

CREATeTM (Chemogenetic Receptor Engineering for Advanced Therapeutics) PLATFORM FOR SMALL MOLECULE CONTROLLED GENE THERAPY. We are creating engineered receptor – actuator pairs, where the receptor has lost its ability to bind its endogenous ligand, has no constitutive activity, but is activated by extremely low concentration of its actuator. To reach this goal, a megalibrary of cell-surface receptors or ion channels is generated and the members are screened for the advantageous characteristics. This technique may create a novel therapeutic class that can be utilized for the treatment of various debilitating CNS diseases.

We also run a drug repositioning (fixed-dose combinations, FDC) project in one of our partner laboratories to create new, safe and effective therapeutic options using drugs already on the market.


Our projects are managed applying a state of the art project management approach for discovery and pre-clinical development. We rely on the broad experience of our scientists in a wide range of in vitro and in vivo methodologies..


We are constantly looking for world class talent, join us if you want to work in an agile environment to stay ahead of the game in healthcare.

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